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The Dark Master – Part Five

January 10, 2014

In the dawning of the morning

sat the young boy deeply yawning

Hardly aware of his surroundings,

all his senses deeply confounding.

He took a second to clear his mind

replay last nights events, this moment to find.

Had he really embarked on this course?

Had the master used some hidden force

to acquire his assent and acquiescence?

Was this the conclusion of his convalescence?

He felt an inner urge to shout

to leave this dark master in no doubt

that his mind could not be simply swayed

that he would leave this morn without delay.

Straight upon determining this resolve

his focus immediately crumbled and dissolved

As the master came in with a breakfast tray,

smiling politely, put it down where he lay.

Such congenial behavior he could not deny

even coming from one so obviously sly.

He thanked the master for his accommodation

even if humility hid a will for domination.

“Have you young man decided what you want to do?

With the training are you willing to go through.”

“Much as I am fascinated,

to be free to a life less wasted.

I can’t help but worry, what is your goal?

To be beyond human, or merely expand the soul?

“Such pursuits young man are one and the same

in searching for a new way to frame

the rules and the nature of the game.

We cannot decide the end before the path is walked

or else by our karma-filled past will we be stalked.

It requires a plunge, a deeply felt trust

a strong conviction that you simply must.

It has to come from you, I am only your guide.

Yes, my wisdom is here by your side

but in you must the practice reside.”

“Then this could take me to hell, it could render me insane!

it could leave on my soul an everlasting stain.

I know not where it may take me

I may lose all compassion and sympathy.

How can I agree to such a regime?

I am not a master of reality and dreams.

I am not a god, free to set my own way

I am merely a human, born first to obey.

For you it is well, for you it is good

you have great power flowing in your blood.”

“I started no greater than you, even less maybe,

I may now be a master, but I once too was a baby.

This is not about what you have been

or of what matter you are made

it is about what you can be

if you choose not to be afraid.”

“In you I see fear very little,

only a mind slightly brittle

from a mundane way of life

solidified by ease and absence of strife.”

But you have that power inside

you can rekindle that which you think has died.

This is not about trying to moralise,

this is about learning to enjoy the ride.”

The young man halted in his tracks,

losing his train of thought

The master knew just what he lacked

as well as what he sought.

This man would not let him go

nor let him stay, by reason alone

he gave no option to let inertia flow

only to take a leap into the unknown.

The boy refused yet, his decision to cast

instead settled down to eat breakfast.

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