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The Dark Master – Part Six

January 12, 2014

He had the young man now, caught in a net
on that he was most willing to bet
Up in his study room he pensively awaited
all contrary thoughts and passions to be abated.
“Let the young man come to his own mind
and let him do it in his own good time.”
That was the way for him to achieve his glory
that was the way to continue this story.

The dark master brooded alone, like this all day
he could not make the first move, he had to stay
The young man needed to hit upon his decree
of seeming pressures completely free
He had to identify with the course he took
that was the bait… the master waited with the hook!
one, two, three, four times did he look
at the clock on the wall, but it seemed almost stuck.

It was a crucial stage of the guiding path
not a time to be confounded by wrath
with the fate of the years and how it is wound,
good things to those who wait, come to be found.
These calming words eased his highly fraught nerves
never straight is the way, always, there are swerves.
To take the line of least resistance
takes not an impatient insistence
only a steady, accepting assistance.

The master was indeed a master of emotional control
though he used it on himself and others with little soul
to this day he felt he knew best
better than any and all the rest
nothing could sway him from his vision
nothing influenced his decisions
save his own twisted goals and ends
to which all his actions would descend.

He kidded himself he took the boys interests to heart
that great wisdom and helpful knowledge would he impart
but in a corner of his mind, quiet and dark
whispered a voice clear, brutal and stark:
“Life was his passion, and his alone
no change of fashion would he condone.
Until his own mortality had he defeated,
others were merely pawns at his chess board seated.”

On the steps the boy approached nearer
tipping and tapping ever clearer
the master rubbed his hands gleefully together
the pieces falling into place of his endeavor
a silence of hesitation then there was
at the door the young boy seemed at a loss
A rumble of thunder, a lightning strike
cut through the silence, like a sharp spike
The door then opened, slowly creaking
round it, the young mans head was peaking
Ready for the worst, ready for anything,
the master was taken aback by this pitiful thing.

“I am ready, I am here,
to follow the course you steer.”
the young man solemnly declared.
The master of a fast reaction despaired,
engulfed by curious and strange emotions
the boy, vulnerable like a drop in the ocean.
Like a speck of dust that could be blown away…
“Well then… it is settled.” Is all the master could say.


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