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Transcending Humanity

January 31, 2014

I don’t think being human is really something to aspire to. Adult humans inflict so much damage on each other, and on the planet. Largely due to insecurities, in which we all want to get the first strike in. As we become more aware of our mortality, we become more and more anxious to find ways to hide from this awareness. We indulge in distractions, and fleeting victories over others that give us a short-term boost of relative immortality compared to our victims.

Life becomes reduced to a game of manipulation. We all give the impression of bargaining with the gods for some privileged place in life and death. Either that or we just blindly go along with the game, as if there is no other way to exist, as if we are slaves to our past habits and instincts. It really should not be this way. If we could only get over our insecurities about our mortality. If we could come to accept death as a part of life, as the summation of life. Not the defeat of a life.

In this way I think current humanity is something we need to aspire to transcend. The old ways, old habits and instincts are not serving us well. They are becoming our own worst enemy, internalised as fears and insecurities. Short-term defeats of others may give us some temporary gratification and release from these fears. But by settling for being merely human, the only ones we are ultimately defeating is ourselves.

One Comment
  1. Could not agree more. We sure have learnt the art of manipulation in this era.

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