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Karma and Synchronicity

February 2, 2014

Just as karma tends to pervade the social medium. So also, on the more positive side, does synchronicity. It is a sign we are on the right track when there seems to be a certain synchronicity to events in our lives. Things seem to come together, as if we are in tune or harmony with the surrounding social medium. Whereas karma comes to collect its debt on us when we are in discord with our surroundings.

We can become more aware of this with practice and learn to stay in tune. Though it can be quite easy to fall out of touch with a synchronous chain of events. It could be a fear that grows inside, it could be something that triggers a past memory that you get caught up on. It could be something else you become attached to, and that causes you to lose touch with your core awareness of your surroundings.

There are many distractions from a synchronistic path in life, but we can learn to overcome these, and live a life more in touch with our core being. It can be difficult to know sometimes when you are flowing along in life nicely. Often you only realise it when it is over and you have come crashing to a halt. But you can take those little synchronistic occurrences as a sign that you are currently flowing, and to help you to embrace it and make the most of it.

For these are the times when life is joyful. It is not a struggle, or a fight. It is not filled with anxiety and worry, but with a calm acceptance and belief that good things will come to you.

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