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Some Lucky Coincidences

March 12, 2014

As populations hit resource limits gender roles change and people have less children. They talk of it being what they want, women becoming more equal, having more independence and not having to take on housewife roles, but surely the change was forced on us by the awareness of this limitation of population numbers. Just a lucky coincidence?

People are much more focused on themselves and their own rights in this era. We say it is because we have become more morally developed, more rational. But self-obsession is a great way to get our minds off sexual interactions and reproduction with other human beings in an era where population needs to be controlled. Lucky coincidence?

Education is geared towards promoting sex in an anaesthetized environment to kids from a young age. Condoms, condoms, condoms, have a free condom! Prevention of disease, the noble goal. Is it then just a lucky coincidence this helps population control by inculcating the view towards sex from a young age that it is primarily about frivolous enjoyment rather than procreation?

So many lucky coincidences. Are we really controlling our own destiny, or are we just responding to the pressures of reality around us in the laziest most convenient way? Internalising these pressures and claiming them for ourselves as being what we are and what we want?

There are two sides to every story, of course, but I think the insidious influence of this side of the story is too much underplayed in an era of “selfies”.

It is good to respond to reality, but we would do better to do it with awareness, or we will become slaves to the whims of anyone who claims “authority” to be the reflectors of this “reality”. The news, other media, scientists, etc.. As our response to them will be instinctual, blind and impulsive, i.e. predictable.

The only way out is to form a self-chosen, autonomous conception of reality. That is thoroughly thought out and well considered. Let this be your platform for action, not instinctual fears and drives. Maybe then we can have synchronicity, not just lucky coincidences.


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