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Repression and Civilization – Finding our better Nature

April 14, 2014

I am tired of all this “woe is me” talk about how we have to repress so many of our natural instincts in a civilized society. It assumes a nostalgia for some natural state in a past time. But there is nothing natural about clinging to a “lost, innocent” past like this. This clinging is itself the unnatural thing. What is natural is to be alert to the needs of the moment, and to express yourself in that moment.

We are self-repressed because we spend so much time drifting along, not living truly and passionately in the moment. We have to take personal responsibility here for our actions and our impulses and our beliefs. It is not going to solve anything to shift the blame to some abstract thing you have dreamed up, such as civilization, as being at fault for repressing your natural urges.

Yes there is the daunting prospect of a society engulfing us, over-filled with people and their needs conflicting with ours. But through all this, what holds us back from our expression of natural urges? Not some outside force, it can only be some stronger urge within us that takes precedent. Reflect on that urge, look into it in great detail. Dissect it, determine where it has come from and why it leads you to act as you do.

Only through self-understanding of this kind can you get past the old story of society as repressing us. And come to the realisation that we have repressed ourselves, while all the time possessing the most natural urge of all in our reach. Grasp it, live it, don’t run from it, for you will only run in circles.

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