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The Human Arena

April 26, 2014

The human arena, full of envy and disgust

nothing but lies, corruption and mistrust

weakness unable to express itself

hides behind another’s wealth

uses what they can with disdain

as if got by merit, they will complain.

the pitiful behavior makes me sick

too mundane and shallow to be tragic

dissolution as if nothing was there

the end of both hope and despair.

When all is finished, said and done

death to all, complete annihilation!


  1. linda permalink

    Great poem.
    I just wish life was better for you.
    It seems you are always feeling disappointed and angry.
    It is unfortunate many people fall short of expectations not only from themselves but from others as well.
    It is sadder still that many of them never even realize that they can do and be so much more than they are.
    They just go along in life taking the easy road.

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