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Philosophical Misunderstandings

May 1, 2014

I rarely bother to get caught up in philosophical debates online, because people who are at a completely different level of philosophical understanding to you can hold their own as if they are on the same level just with some inane repeated response that ignores everything you said to them.

They wouldn’t be able to get away with this in person, as they would feel compelled to say something a bit different in the heat of the moment, without, as they have via the internet, that little time delay to concoct another predictable response in line with their same old prejudices.

It can, and has been, very frustrating to me over the years, but you need to know to just back out of it as soon as possible, and realise it is not worth the effort. Such arguments and disputations are such a pointless waste of time and energy. It surprises me you get people who seem to relish getting drawn into something like this, where they just repeat the same thing over and over.

It’s like an argument with certain hard-core materialists or “rationalists”. They are simply incapable of seeing another point of view. And I think it is a problem in their brain where they are only capable of using one side of it. The analytical side of their brain has been over developed and over used and has become completely out of communication with the intuitive and creative side of the brain.

It really is like speaking different languages in such an argument, and is as futile and pointless as such an argument would be also. The only thing left in such a situation is for one side to try and provoke the other to the point of losing their cool, and they think thereby they have got some sort of victory!

Losing your cool is nothing to be ashamed of and shows you have passion attached to your beliefs and ideas about things, particularly, passion against disingenuous people and incredulous and incorrigible people who do not hear a word you say in response, and then happily just go on and make their same point again over and over, ignoring your counter arguments.

Another area of this concerns metaphysics. Many still function within absolute categories of thought and have not got to grips with Nietzsche’s and existentialisms insight of perspectivism. Yet others have gone “beyond” perspectivism to revel in relativism.

In both these cases you cannot have a meaningful argument. With the absolutist it is like banging against a brick wall. You tell them over and over that mind and matter are not absolute categories, that they are ways of relating phenomena, and that awareness here and now is all we have. And then they will ask you, is this awareness here and now a mental phenomena? Where does this awareness here and now come from? They cannot appreciate perspectivism here, but are harking back to old-fashioned metaphysical categories of substances. They always want a substance to underlie an argument, just so they can proceed to question the validity of this substance! How can you have an argument with someone going in circles like this? It is like the mouse going round and round trying to catch its tail.

Then with the relativists it is like trying to reason in a vacuum with no air pressure. They suck all the air out of the debate just as you are about to raise your voice and leave you choking on your own words! Either that or they press the mute button in their minds while you express your argument, and then proceed to say their own opinion exactly as they would have uttered it regardless of what you had said! For after all, everyone has a valid opinion, so they say.

… such are some of the woes that can befall a philosopher getting embroiled in arguments and misunderstandings online.

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