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Predictable Themes in Stories

May 19, 2014

As much as I like a good story, it does get a bit exasperating at times when predictable themes crop up time and again. I know the human story does tend to follow certain common patterns for all of us. We all tend to see ourselves as basically good. We all have some slightly unrealistic and optimistic hopes for ourselves. We all follow the same tracks of dependency on others for love, care and attention. And we all share the same basic human needs, drives and desires.

But still, from a story it is nice to see things given a new or slightly different approach. It is nice to see something original, and not just a tendency to almost wallow in the predictable patterns of human psychology and behavior. This was the side to the writing of Ayn Rand I found quite refreshing. The unrelenting pursuit of something a bit higher than just common human nature. It is what I have liked in a few authors in the past. And when the attempt at least of this kind is not present, I find it very easy and quick to be disappointed in a story.

I will not hang around long to read about predictable human behavior following predictable patterns. To what purpose should we wallow in and glorify the mundane things in life? What kind of a story is it that only reaffirms what we already know about ourselves and the world? It is a story that is said purely for the sake of it. Purely out of a blind ritualistic urge to find comfort in repetition. I refuse to find such comfort, in fact these kinds of things only make me uncomfortable.

It is a disservice to our minds and our memories to play something out the same way time and time again, as if we don’t know any better. It is a mental laziness, a giving in to inertia. Don’t ever just accept some human theme as having authority over your own life, because others have repeated it time and again. This repetition is not a reason for acceptance, it is a reason for suspicion. It is something to be questioned by your awareness. Embrace themes in your life from this seat of awareness. Never let someone else’s story, the theme to someone else’s life, unwittingly entrap you in an unwanted fate. Here lies only resentment in the long run, and a lack of faith or hope in a better world. A complacent cynicism, worthy of an isolated individual, but not of an interconnected person who ends up infecting all their relationships with this cynicism.

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