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Passion and Truth

July 14, 2014

For many years I have believed myself to have a special access to certain truths about the world. Whether this belief is right or wrong, certainly I was wrong to think that knowing this truth is itself enough to give it authority. Authority comes not from what you know, but in how you use it in application within your own life.

I see a lot of debates between people sure that they have the correct view. Or maybe they are not, maybe, even worse than such a dogmatic certainty, they are merely cynically playing along at a game of arguing for the sake of it, to pass the time. Either way, the assumption seems to be that the truth will ultimately speak for itself and it will speak in our favor. It is a form of truth that is mixed up with the obsession with being “right”. To be in possession of the right answer. But, although this may be how exams work in the controlled and sheltered environment of school and college, who is to say truth works in any such way as this in the real world.

In the real world all we can do is speak our own truth, we cannot rely on any outside authority to assert our truth for us. And in order to do this, it is not enough to have access to what is true, you also need to have a passionate conviction and belief in those truths. It is only as such that you will be able to hold on to these truths and continue to assert them even when times get tough.

Obsessively arguing with others doesn’t show a passion for your truth, but an obsession with being seen to be right. This is quite the opposite of your truth in most circumstances. You end up getting lost in a labyrinth of arguments where you lose sight of the passion in your life that should really be guiding you at this time. The best thing to do here is to let the argument go. It is weakness of your own vision that continues an argument needlessly, not strength of conviction. Some people just want to be the last one in the room, getting the last word in. This, for them, is their small consolation for a complete lack of inner conviction.

Let them be, as you let yourself be, and continue on your own journey.

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