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Harnessing the Life Force

August 6, 2014

There is an incredible force within us all if we can just learn how to tap into it.

We spend too much time caught up in bad habits and psychological fears that limit us needlessly. Yes, we need order, we need some predictability. And yes, we rightfully fear certain things that could harm or kill us. But we go too far with order, and we fear much more than we have any good reason to.

I had a psychological fear of running beyond a certain amount of time, as if my body was limited in some way. But the limit was purely a psychological one. The barrier doesn’t exist in your physiology, in your energy systems, but in your mind. You can tap into the life force and it will achieve great things for you if you learn to trust it’s ways of working.

It is an approach that requires patience and discipline. Results cannot be achieved instantly. The life force does not obey any whim that comes into your mind. It only obeys those things your mind learns to turn into a sustained intention. Often the results then come when you least expect them, but they do inevitably come.

Life works in strange ways at times, and it is a continual learning process for our minds to keep in touch with its ways. The mind works in a vacuum of clear-cut logical rules and rationales. But the rest of our body is placed in a plenum of systems acting and reacting and influencing each other.

That we can get any order and control over it is an achievement. Most of the time all we are controlling is our own psychological expectations and habits, or THEY are controlling us. It is those rare times that our control reaches beyond this vacuum into the plenum of reality that we get a sense of the life force that surrounds us.

We need to learn to reach into this domain more often, and to do it in healthy and sustainable ways. Letting go of some of our needless self-imposed psychological limitations is a good way to achieve this. When your mind is saying you can’t do something realise often it is actually  saying it won’t do something. It is choosing not to do it.

You can change that choice with sustained intentions formed and acted on over time. Won’t then turns into will. Before you know it you have achieved what you once thought you couldn’t. You thought you couldn’t because you thought your resources were limited to the vacuum of your mind, when in truth you have all the resources of the plenum of life force surrounding you to draw upon.


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