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Bankrupt Species

August 23, 2014

A response I was going to send to someone I know online, but I thought better than to load them with my problems…

…Thanks, certain things happen though, I have tried it all it seems,there is always someone or something waiting to bring me down or trip me up, sometimes it is just my own thoughts. I can’t think of anything I can possibly do in this world that is going to make things better, whatever you do the world loses out somehow, another species goes extinct, the resources of the planet dwindle down and we go to wars with countries to steal resources to support unsustainable lifestyles, and all for what, to continue this human race to do the same thing over and over for each generation, it all just seems so pointless, right now I just think humans are a bankrupt species.

Is there anything we can do that doesn’t make things worse for humanity in this world? I have not found anything. I think the corruption runs too deep and pervades any and every counter effort. I have tried to hide in artistic forms of expression. The world of art and fantasy where things are much more easy to fit together in a happy stable structure. And if it isn’t stable you can always arbitrarily change a character trait, introduce a character, a random event, etc… Deus ex Machina is always there for the artist as a teller of stories. But that is all it is. Stories. Little more than fancy lies. Words and sounds to hide from indifferent reality for a few more hours.

The only other option is reality altering drugs. Even those of us who proudly think of ourselves as  strong enough to not get addicted to white powdery substances, sucking on little paper tubes or alcohol, still we alter our chemical balance each time we interact with a person, each time we exercise, each time we do any activity, we are choosing something that we hope will alter our chemical balance in a favourable way. We are kidding ourselves, staving off the inevitable. We know that humanity is bankrupt, yet we keep on raiding the bank anyway. So, Insane, not just bankrupt, trying the same things and expecting different results. There are no words that can save humanity, we have started a fire that we can’t put out. Any posts that I write from now on will start from this assumption. Because I am so sick and tired of the sham pretense of being positive about things when there is nothing to be positive about, except our own small-minded petty ego-driven desires.

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