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Judging Suicide

August 24, 2014

I wrote this short post over a week ago based on the recent news then of the death by suicide of Robin Williams. I didn’t publish it at that point as I didn’t want to get caught up in the initial hysteria of reactions to his death. This past week or so I have been paying my own tribute to him by watching over many of his films. Some that I had seen before, and many that I had not. My major gripe in this post is with judgmental people. They are not the strong people in this world they try to make themselves out to be, they are the weakest:

There seems to be a strain inherent in many human beings to like to judge people. And when someone commits suicide, and cannot speak back to defend themselves this, for them, is a perfect opportunity to freely judge someone. An easy, defenceless target. We see this in the case of Robin Williams these past few days. This morning a radio presenter claimed he didn’t care Robin Williams was dead, only cared for his children. Now, its an all nice and high and mighty thing to say, and makes you feel better about yourself. But if you spoke to his children they wouldn’t get any solace from this presenters supposedly comforting words for them. Because of course these words were not for them. But were the words of someone who has nothing to do with them, but just likes to judge when he sees an easy target. He thinks committing suicide is a selfish thing to do. But I would say his judging of a dead person he doesn’t know is a much more selfish act.

At this point I was going to rant on and justify why often suicide is not a weak thing to do. But I don’t need to justify someone else’s life decisions. I don’t need to judge them either negatively or positively. I don’t know anything about Robin Williams or his family personally. I am not qualified to speak for them as they grieve, like this judgmental radio show host felt he was. All I know is that he brought a lot to the world, and inspired a lot of people.

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