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Ebola: Fear turns to Moralising turns to Apathy

October 28, 2014

So we had the needless uproar and panic stage of the ebola outbreak, manufactured nicely by the media to get our attention and scare us. Now that we have shrugged that off, we get people who have been there on the ground, in the thick of it, in the mix, and any other self-aggrandizing label they can attach to themselves, who want us to feel guilty about it. There has been two pandemics released by the media this past few months, and neither of them has had anything to do with ebola. The fear pandemic, and now the guilt-trip pandemic. Three month old babies are getting the virus and dying of it we are told. They hunt for the youngest victim of it in order to unleash the biggest guilt trip on us.

Well I am sorry media, but you lost me when you unleashed your fear pandemic, and I don’t credit any related agenda of yours from that time on. There is something fishy and dodgy about the whole way in which it has been portrayed. I choose to reject and not trust any of your sources, and any of your narratives. I can’t care about what may somewhere be real people suffering in the world, because the media lens through which this has reached me is completely tainted and corrupted beyond possible repair. This is what happens when you try to manipulate a response out of people, rather than be honest with them and simply report on events and let people be a judge for themselves on how to respond.

You create a society of people who simply don’t care anymore.

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