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Idols, Devotion, Supermen, and Cherries

January 14, 2015

This society functions by positive reinforcement. It gives to those who do as they are told. It gives to those who kneel down at the altar of the idols of material wealth. To those who betray themselves to practices they cannot mentally or morally justify. It weakens the will to the point of a self-imposed powerlessness. It rewards passivity in this way to all but the minority. The minority we are then to idolise. Our new gods, the self-perpetuating elite, the supermen. The holders of all our dreams and fantasies in a form we can never realise in this life. But whom we yet aspire to with a religious devotion. An unshakeable faith. We are manipulated by this elite day in and day out. The cherry picked news stories, the uniformity of message drummed into all citizens. But we cannot fight against it. For this elite are our gods, and we are its play things. We let them weave our destiny, because we are too fearful to start our own thread. Knowledge cannot save us, for we know all this already, yet still it is killing us bit by bit, piece by piece.

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