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Mental Block

January 15, 2015

I have spent much of my life considering the evidence and arguments on the strict philosophical and logical levels as to if they support the Atheistic, materialist view of the world. The non-spiritual, purely natural/factual view of affairs that I inherited as a legacy from the enlightenment generation that preceded me.

And the evidence simply isn’t there. It is scant, circumstantial, dependent on accepting a whole new set of dogmas and prejudices, and is completely out of proportion to the confidence in this creed of its proponents.

I have come to believe it is rather the activity itself of following scientific methods: generalising, neutralising, etc… that, over a sustained time, deadens the more spiritual sensibilities of a person. The Materialists/Atheists grand truth is actually representative of a shutting down of a natural, psychological faculty of their minds as human beings.

The irony is that, for all the scientists generalisations followed in method, it has actually led to a narrowing of his own minds perceptive faculties. The method supposed to secure the reasoner and observer of empirical facts in his impartial general approach, has made its followers more narrow and partial in their own mental faculties.

This is the loss they bemoan, not the tragic death of God that they in practice proclaim with Atheistic confidence and surety. They have tried to dramatise their own personal biographical loss of a part of their mental faculties as a general loss for human kind of the objects that such a faculty gives us access to. This is their own little attempt at an immortality hidden amongst their supposedly courageous pioneering acceptance of the void lying beyond this mortal coil.

I choose to reject this rational atheistic inheritance, just as they rejected their religious theistic inheritance back in their day.

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