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My Fortress, My Passion

February 7, 2015

Indifference is my fortress
Solitude is my consolation
Emptiness is my distress
Pride is my self-immolation

Dwindling life seeps through my pores
I cannot grasp it or hold it close
Shadows of emotion shudder me to the core
To love, to feel are to me things otiose.

My fate left to the breeze
to knock me this way or that,
to lift me up to the sky,
or send me to the ground, face flat.

It is small matter to me,
for I have no company.
Just the cool aether waiting to embrace
My hardened, fractured face.

Take me if you dare
My spirit will yet rebel
For Love I may not care
But tough remains my shell
Unlikely even to despair,
though I plummet down to hell.

What is this force that remains
this power in which I trust
though all around screams and complains
I still don’t turn to dust.

My life cannot be captured,
I know no thing for sure
my soul continues enraptured
I can think up no lasting cure.

As Deadened as I may try to be,
From my passion, I cannot break free.

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