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Mental Supernova

April 13, 2015

The aftermath of destruction is quite gratifying to the mind. There is a sense of freedom: of a return to the void where all is possible. No burdens and no responsibilities. Problem is, we often just go down the same path all over again, and make the same mistakes. Like a person who does not remember, and so cannot learn from their experience. Gratification and what is best to do, thus are rarely aligned. But just as a too willing desire to destroy leads to repetition, so a refusal to ever destroy leads to stagnation. We are stuck in a tight bind, a vise.

Can the forces of creation and destruction be harnessed in a healthy way or is there always an element of insanity in the breaking up of solidified habits and rituals? A madness that creeps in insidiously? Can the mind stretch to encompass its world, or must it always compartmentalize itself away in to some comfortable niche? Pure awareness would be the ideal goal for an integrated mental entity. But you can be certain that such would not be ideal for the propagation of the species. Do we choose our own integrity, or a world that will slowly tear us apart and break us down?

The only difference is in the way we depart. Maintain integrity to the end, and explode into a million pieces when the pressure reaches a critical point. Or steadily disintegrate and drift apart in the void. The life of the mind, it seems, follows pretty much to a tee, the life-cycle of the stars.

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