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The Desolate Landscape

July 31, 2015

Through the desolate landscape, we press on stoically

scenes of violence and sin, we grin and bear heroically

We raise arms up to quell the world around

we fire the gun ending all peaceful sound.

No responsiblity do we shirk from

Bravely we set off the god-bomb.

Bow down to our techno power

with a smiling face, never sour.

Lap it up till it turns you inside out

leaving minds no longer capable of introspective doubt

Whiz around, rush from one fix to another

nothing new on heaven or earth to discover

Let the experts tell you what is what

let the reason for it all be forgot.

Put down our burden, our moral strife

let it be, just live and let life

take its own determined natural course

driven by supra normal force.

All is for the best, and for the worst,

Lay it all to rest: our blessed curse.



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