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The Busy Body

August 3, 2015

The busy-body, scurrying back and forth,

doesn’t know which way is south and which is north.

He knows only to keep moving away from reflection

away from the self and calm introspection.

A distraction here and a distraction there

provide new traps in which to self-ensare.

Clinging to the after, and running from the before

oblivious to the centered state, from which it all pours.

No rest, except in habit, in customary action

no mind left to grip the world with any traction.

flitting, backwards, forwards, and to and fro

getting nowhere, yet always knowing where to go.

A predictable hamster spinning on a wheel

the cage is accepted, as part of the deal.

Another victory won, for the world’s order and peace.

The mind is silenced, the spirit is deceased.



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