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Disdain for Life

November 16, 2015

Same old, same old, the wheels go round

the groove digs deeper and deeper into the ground

predictable channels, an overly beaten trail

makes life and living seem ever more stale.

What point to this slavery where we all have our masters

be it people, needs, or genetic forecasters.

Nothing new under this jaded sun

the die has been cast, the web has been spun.

Predecided life become a tormentuous sham

Very hard to care, or to much give a damn

Time slows down, an expanded moment ensnares me

I can’t run away from what I can’t see.

I only feel it engulfing all my pores,

drowning me deeply in sorrows and sores.

An empty and vacant feeling remains,

inside my barren, hollowed out chest

for life I hold great disdain

that can never be rightfully expressed.

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