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The End of Facts: Political Correctness

November 26, 2015

I have been catching up on the news lately, having switched off to it all for the past 5-6 months atleast. The combination of the Paris Attacks, the ongoing war against an ever changing named terrorist group: Al Quaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, and the European refugee/economic migrants crisis. This combination of interrelated factors has brought to my attention the sheer degree to which things are currently getting out of control in the globalist society. So I have looked into it, and I find a big problem is our unwillingness to debate critical issues due to an obsession with being politically correct, and an attendant fear of being seen as politically incorrect.

Things are very far gone when statistics are not discussed because of political correctness on one side of the debate, yet on the other side of the debate, statistics are shoved in our faces. For example, the succesful integration of a muslim into western society will be heavily emphasized, but the media will not talk of no-go zones for non-muslims in our countries, of facts such as the massive increase in rape in Sweden since the introduction of Islamic migrants en masse, in the name of multiculturalism. The Hungarian woman tripping a poor innocent refugee will be emphasized, while a mass of economic migrants rushing in and throwing stones at Hungarian engineers in a train at a train station will not be talked about. The white cop shooting a black teenager will be emphasized in Chicago, and people will protest massively, but all the black on black crime in Chicago will not be similarly emphasized. The white supremacists in Minnesota will be talked of as shooting black people at a protest there in the name of a hate crime, yet we will not be told the added information, that they had earlier been attacked by black people at the protest, and were running away before they opened fire on them, you could then argue in self-defence. But of course that argument won’t be made, because it would be politically incorrect.

These are examples of the madness we currently face in the media presentation, but it goes much further than this, for it is fed and fueled also by the left-wing political-correct, pluralist, post-modernist mentality many people have been inculcated into. I remember when I studied at university in the early 2000’s, and the post-modernist outlook was just beginning to take its grip, and I remember being very suspicious back then of its fuzzy non-commital arguments, of moral relativism, cultural relativism, post-feminism, post-enlightenment, and the strange talk of “dead white males”. As a keen studier and respecter of these “dead white males”, and what they have done for our civilisation, it struck me as people denying their cultural background, without offering an alternative, in a faddish kind of rebellious act. This is what the “post” really amounts to in these things, it is not POST, but END.

This I believe is then largely to blame for the current era of political correctness, because people have lost the ability to have a rational and reasonable dialogue about critical issues. We cannot express out viewpoint for we don’t acknowledge our viewpoint, we are post having a viewpoint officially, so instead we just get all offended and morally outraged about one statement or another, that true or false, all we are really mad at is our inability to express a rational argument about it, and so we just grunt disapproval or shout a person down with claims such as sexism and racism. And these claims immediately end any dialogue or discussion about real issues, and whisk us off to some fantasy post-land of purely relativist ideological battles, which can have no basis and no common ground, thus we must simply take sides on an instinctive preference, but of course instinctive preferences can be very easily manipulated by those with the leisure time, and influence to do it, i.e. the powerful, via such things as advertisement and mainstream news.

Then we are left as we are now, no discussion, no debate, no rational appeal to facts, just a shouting match of taking offence at other peoples facts and being the first to shout racism. This is political correctness, and it is much more insidious and deeply ingrained in our psyche now, than any genuine concerns about those we are being politically correct about, it is just a hair-trigger reaction to anything we are scared to talk about, and any facts we are scared to face.

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