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What happened to Liberals?

February 19, 2016

A liberal used to be a principled person, a person with integrity. They could not be swayed by emotional pleas. A liberal used to applaud reason and logic, and any open discussion of facts and ideas. Now they are the first to take offence and censor when their ideas are criticised. To be liberal used to mean to be knowledgeable of government and of the economy, so as to keep these things from enslaving us. Now it is on the front line arguing for government intervention to censor its opponents and to give people free things they have not earned. Liberals used to have values, which they would fight for and promote with blood sweat and tears, now they have internet trends and fads where they give their two cents of moral bigotry.

Liberals of today are an embarrasment to the term, and are responsible more than any for the recent rise of libertarian, right wing and conservative thinking. Multiculturalism can work amongst equal parties both willing to embrace it, it cannot work when one group is always labelled as the victim, and the other as the oppressor. It cannot work when a group specifically has shown themselves to not embrace multicultaralism in their own lands. The shoddy version of liberals we see today get offended by these discussions. They want to censor them. They have put themselves out of a rational discussion, and so have set us up for non-rational actions being taken.

It is time to get out of ideological fantasy land, and quit the faux moral outrage and bigotry. It is time to address real issues once more and to acknowledge the real threats to our freedom and liberty. It is clear that currently the biggest threats are increased government intervention, for the government is beholden to special interests and the economic elites, not to the will of the majority of people. And the mainstream media, and its approach of treating people like children with its shabby, conformist one-sided interpretation of everything and its transparent unified agenda in belittling and ridiculing anything that would dare question the real powerful influences in our world.

If you are truly liberal you will put some serious thought into questioning the mainstream media and the global elites treating us like pawns on a chess board. If you are not, by all means get back to your SJW activities and faux moral outrage at twitter posts, and your “positive” racism and censorship. But please don’t sully the term liberal with what you are doing anymore. Read some history books of the term, read some philosophical books on the term. You are NOT Liberal.

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