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Social Engineering

February 24, 2016

The application of science to social and political problems in our society is what distinguishes us from the era before the two world wars. It has given us techniques for mass manipulation, but also for mass emancipation. Is it going to be a force for the good in the end, or is it destined to be a force wielded for the bad by a corrupt elite?

Well I think we can safely confirm now that the answer is the latter. From the mainstream medias nannying of our emotions agenda, to intrusive manipulative advertisements, to brainwashing state promoted education and healthcare and lifestyle choices, to technology promoting the increasing dumbing down of its users, who now only have to type a few words, and hardly have to learn the art of forming sentences and paragraphs.

I don’t think these phenomena are coincidental pockets or aberrations from a benign norm. I think they are a clear indication of an insidious elite using social engineering to manipulate us to be what they want us to be. So the question now is if we can turn the tide, and how, or if it is already too late.

We have to go back in history to a fork in the road to better understand our situation. To a time when a fierce debate raged on a philosophical level over how to define freedom and liberty. On the one side were those who clung to the old fashioned notion of liberty as securing negative freedom from external constraints and influences, and on the other side the new emerging notion of liberalism as about promoting certain positive freedoms through state interference on top of this.

The Austrian school of economics in the person of Hayek gives us liberty as it was traditionally viewed, and through the person of Karl Popper, we see the move towards social engineering. Both claimed to be politically liberal, both staunch defenders of an open society. Yet one saw science and planning as an intrusion on liberal principles, the other saw it as a useful tool to help secure it, through social reform.

Did we take the wrong path, were welfare states a mistake? It is difficult to make a general judgment like this, for we are now stuck with the results of past actions whether we like them or not, and hypothetical scenarios of, what if’s are not only unrealistic, and unanswerable, but irrelevant to our current problems. What I think we can say for sure is that one element of the positive liberalism that has been a failure is the imposition of social engineering.

It has to be remembered that states were founded on force and violence, so to expect a state to be a promoter of liberty when it is given more influence over people seems slightly foolish. It also has to be remembered that our western democracies through 4-5 yearly elections of a choice normally between 2 very similar parties, puts very little of a check on the misuse of the state by elite and powerful groups.

The net result is increased censorship, decreased cultural freedom, (temporarily disguised by importing false multiculturalism and political correctness), and many other factors that largely go to explain our increased depression rates and lowering testosterone and birth rates in the west, with little need to add any extra conspiracy theories about things being put in the water etc to poison us.

We have to then address this issue of social engineering head on. We have to realise the dangerous results of it, we have to be willing to reengage in moral debates on these issues, of what is good, bad, ugly and evil in our society. An open society is propagated and perpetuated by dialog, open debate, reasonable discussion, and by a culture that is embraced in common, not guiltily hoarded in private DVD and game collections.

No one human group can be our trusted Guardians, to benevolently enact social engineering policies for the benefit of us all. It is such a thing that liberty and freedom are supposed to protect us from, to allow us to take self responsibility for our own thoughts and being. A lifestyle we choose, embrace and create for ourselves will always win out over a lifestyle that is forced upon us through pavlov style conditioning.

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