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February 26, 2016

Hell on earth, aborted births

of friendliness a void, a dearth

only self-hatred, and degenerate mirth

surrounds me from all corners

from the losers and the fauners

from the haters and the scorners.

Nobody wants to speak or talk

to engage or take a pleasant walk

Each drools in a puddle

of their own self involved drivel

No thanks, I don’t need people anymore

Comatose Isolation, is better

than your desolation and your fetters

you think I will just sit back and fill with shame

go along with your guilt tripping game

you think I will put in an effort, when you do not

when common decency and friendliness has been forgot.

I will tell you what to forget you shammers

you prissy fakers and spammers

forget civilization, forget it all

if you want to bang a dog

go sit in this pen and play with a ball

and roll in the mood, you useless hog.


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