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The Hole in my Heart

March 4, 2016

The emptiness within, a misty, cavernous, hollowed out space

where once lied rivers, streams: a green and fertile place

Consumes my attention despite all the distractions

despite all the world’s repulsions and attractions.

It is much easier to be indifferent and dead

than to have others stomping inside my head

Others that confirm my worst fears and hate

poke at me with spears, luring with a predictable bait

Can I once just have a rest from being me

from the burden, that weighs me down so heavy?

From the heart ache, pain and anger of a past

that holds me back in a grip, tight and fast

Liberation from this sticky mental parasite

that clings to my skull and gives me no respite.

It would be nice, it would be good

if rather than this corrosive blood

in my heart, lay not a hole, filled with disgrace

but a warm, safe and friendly space

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