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Moral Bigotry

March 5, 2016

I was having a look at definitions of the notion of moral bigotry, and I don’t think they are adequate to describe what I mean by it. For instance one definition states: “Bigotry is a state of mind where a person obstinately, irrationally, unfairly or intolerantly dislikes other people, ideas, etc”. To me this misses out on an important aspect of bigotry, for a very common form of moral and intellectual bigotry in our society is people who claim a moral or intellectual higher ground on a socio-political issue that they are personally insulated from the reality of. This contrast is key. For it is being insulated from the reality of something that enables us to be bigoted about it.

So, as an example lets take a white person in a Scottish university, a country with 97% white people. I am sure there is a very high chance he will have a bigoted view of white people’s role in Africa in making things bad for the black people there. They will site the evils of colonialism and such like. And it really becomes very easy to hide behind such sweeping concepts when we have never faced the reality of the situation. But now lets take a white person in Zimbabwe or a white person in South Africa. Suddenly we see very different views of what is going on there.

And of course it comes down to the fact that its not so easy to be bigoted about something, when you are not insulated from it. If you know the reality and live with it day in and day out, you know that there is no moral higher ground, just a bunch of people with competing and conflicting interests.

It has to be remembered that many black Africans, until very recently, had no concept of being part of a big civilization. They had no religion that helps you to get along in such a civilization and no culture designed for such a civilization. So, as a result, the supposed evils of colonialism suddenly fall away when we look at colonization in countries like India and Hong Kong. These places have people already used to being part of a large civilization, with 1000’s of years of culture and religion teaching them how to get along among a big, diverse group of people. and so they were easily able to defend themselves from the colonial ways, and are now becoming very successful places economically etc.

But most of this very basic knowledge is not even out there at all. And it took me years of personal study and investigation to dig up this basic knowledge, because the common view we are educated in is the morally bigoted one, which would rush to take offence at pointing out any historical differences between races, besides the evilness of white people of course. But other than that, they want to take refuge in the view that we are all the same, the political correct lie that allows them to feel morally benevolent and intellectually superior whilst remaining in an insulated and secure environment personally, where they don’t have to actually act on these beliefs.

For instance, its easy for some successful white person with security to talk about white privilege, he is insulated from any other reality. And so he speaks somehow collectively for all white people. He/she is basically saying I am white and was able to be successful, so for any white person who has not been successful like me, it is their own fault and they deserve what they get. He/she generalises over a whole race as supposedly having the same opportunities and privileges as him or herself. Of course no one calls them out for this bigotry, precisely because this person is insulated from reality, they are free to say what they want, and there is no one to oppose them, and no reality going to come up and bite them in the ass.

This whole moral and intellectual bigotry thing has gone on too long and gone too far. We cannot continue to kid ourselves we understand things that we are insulated from. It creates a schism between ideas and practical reality. It renders people powerless to see their ideas instantiated in practical reality, as their ideas and their practical day to day life have become completely compartmentalized and disconnected. Instead they build castles in the sky, and pontificate at others from up in there ivory towers.

My awareness of this phenomenon of moral bigotry has only come about lately, and I see it a lot in leftist politically-minded people and in Liberals. It really came to my attention in relation to the way in which the mainstream media have reacted to Donald Trump. As they have become more and more transparent in throwing every attempt they can to bait people into taking a morally and intellectually bigoted stance of his views. Of course Trump did this on purpose to get the attention and to help his movement gain traction, and very cleverly used the media against itself. But, regardless of all that, it is still very shocking to me to see just how easy it is for people to get drawn into being a moral or intellectual bigot, and so how easy it is for the media, education etc, to manipulate and brainwash people into a certain view of social, political and historical events. A view that has very little to do with reality, and a very lot to do with feeding peoples sense of self-satisfaction that comes with being morally bigoted about something.




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