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The day it all ended

March 14, 2016

The day it all ended

on my head has descended

the final stake, is driven into my heart

from this world I can now depart

I know that I tried, I tried well and hard

but all my efforts were suffocated and marred

don’t give me some psycho babble

with which my mind can dabble

I do appreciate the concern

but all these efforts are spurned

Nothing is wrong with me and nothing ever was

I don’t need no explanations, no, “you are like this because…”

I am just destined to be alone, until I can stand it no more

when all hope is gone, and I must collapse to the floor.

Don’t tell me I can change, I am happy who I am

others move further out of range, but I can’t afford to give a damn

I must be true to myself despite all the rejection

I cannot fall for the trap of the self-hate infection

no more compromise and no more giving way

you chose to destroy me, I didn’t have any say.

But what I say now is this

give me one last moment of bliss

as the blood in me runs cold

to your body , my body, please hold



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