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Jealousy and Vulnerability

March 16, 2016

I can’t help but control, I can’t help but get jealous

I have little wealth, and I’m not selfish or zealous

I rely on an honesty and decency that is rare

I rely on a refined ability to feel and care

I only offer to you what I am

No pretense, no show, no scam

So I have nothing to fall back to

if this way fails, I am stricken through and through.

Maybe I should create some layers of fluff

to insulate me from the harsh worldly stuff

I just really cannot be bothered to play this game

why plummet into a bottomless pit of shame?

These are the hooks by which we are lost

herded and rounded up with no rest or riposte

My thoughts and my gaze may seem scary

but please suffer it, do not be weary.

I see deeply into the matter

I know the contrived pitter patter

But lets forego this empty ritualised playbook

rules and regulations always come unstuck

focus on what we have here, and now

embrace it, through all else quickly plow.





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