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April 13, 2016

Filth now roam this earth

Of virtue remains a dearth

Self respect has been taken

Honour has been forsaken

Good deed gets no reward

Lies and stealing are above board

Violence is in more accord

With the growing hate-filled hoard

Why contribute to this facade

this orgy that leaves us all scarred?

Why legitimise all their evil actions

being strung along by their distractions?

Our culture is hollowed out,

by an elite with all the clout

Our democracy is ransacked and stolen

by rich people, with purses overly swollen

Our freedom is paralysed in fear

by the medias crocodile tears

by our leaders who cried wolf too many times

justifying wars with no reason or rhyme.

Left in stark terror of the other

exploiters rape what is left of our cover.

Yet I am free to sit here on my own

to go over these thoughts and bemoan

to powerlessly worry and groan

with no channel through which to atone.

Thanks to that great liberal ideal

Left in private our wounds can congeal

Can form into a monstrous, horrible shape

over which a cloth we can drape

a cloth to represent our shame

our guilt, self-pity and disgust

humanity become weak, lost and tame

in front of a screen feeling bored and non-plussed






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