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My Terrible Dilemma

May 9, 2016

I face in life a terrible dilemma

that gives me shuddering heart tremors

Should I try, should I help this world in its current course,

or watch on and let it be crushed under natural force?

Maybe it is better that we have our demise

at times is the conclusion I surmise

At other times, I have more hope

I feel with life’s problems I can just about cope.

At rare times I even have joy

all negativity and enemies can be destroyed.

But for the most part, I really struggle much to care

my heart for this human world, has very little to spare

Its not that I am incapable, its not that I am lazy

its simply that I dont care to help a world gone crazy.

Maybe I have been manipulated into this apathy

if so, it must be by people of extreme psychopathy

If such people rule this world, its already too late

to stop our destruction and terminal fate.

Why should I care, why should I bother?

Why over petty human problems should I permanently hover?

The space closes in around me, the pressure builds

the second chances run short, hope must flee or be killed.

I can jump, there is only a void,

why be scared, I can die but never be destroyed


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