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The necessity of scarcity

May 25, 2016

Scarcity or the threat thereof, will always pervade human life

This basic reality is where many well-meaning people lose touch with said reality

They want no one to suffer, sure, they want poverty gone, sure

But how exactly do they expect natural selection to take effect on such an insulated population?

Bad mutations build up over time as a natural tendency, in the population as a whole,

natural selection is a process for weeding this out and keeping those bad mutations out.

By only letting a select few breed, while others lose out in the natural struggle..

Yes it is ruthless, it is not nice in any way, sure, but it remains reality.

We must come to terms with this, more importantly, women, naturally more compassionate, must learn to accept this reality now we are in a equal society where there influence on our political and cultural developments are much greater.

This is coming from someone who may well lose out by this system. I am not successful or wealthy as of yet. I have little to no sway over anyone else in this world. But still I can accept this is the reality of how life must go on. We cannot insulate ourselves from it for ever, or even for very long.

It needs a new place accepted within our politics, away from this childish game of snap between the political left and right.

My view here would cross over with the libertarian approach. But I would not cross over with them on many other things. I do not see their better appreciation of this economic reality as coinciding with some greater rationale in all areas of moral and political debate. In fact, in many other areas their slavish adherence to their rationale gets in the way of a better appreciation of reality. For instance the libertarian view on things such as world conflicts, and religious and cultural influence in society is very naive and impractical.

We need a free market on sexual breeding of the better genetic material. By competition etc, threats of scarcity, that weed out the best from the rest, in how they react to these situations. But we don’t need a similar free market on many other things. A pure free market on ideas would soon descend into chaos. Some/many ideas are simply accepted as easier due to traditions, and easier as they are naturally passed on by one generation to the next. You cannot treat each newborn as an isolated atomic tabula rasa, free to be moulded by ideas in a purely rational way. It simply doesn’t work. All you end up with is disenfranchised, disempowered individuals, dependent on passively being manipulated by media association games that play with their emotional responses and short cut any intelligent thought. And hopelessly dependent also on science and technology and experts to tell them what to think and how to act. This is not a culture, but a society void of culture, ruled purely by instrumental relationships with people being used as means to others ends, and not respected in their own right.




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