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Forever Paranoid

June 17, 2016

Lost in Paranoia

the Mind Destroyer

What is this person thinking

are they trying to hurt me?

Implications forever linking

never safe to simply be.

But is it just my illusion

or am I subject to malicious confusion?

Hard to tell the true from the lie

hard to find a friend I can trust

no matter how much I think and try

the enemies seem always to forwardly thrust

so I set up my defensive measures

I wait on guard forever unsure

it brings me discomfort and displeasures

and I know it has no cure.

But I must remain true to my own conviction

to my own ideas and mental restrictions

I have no choice but to choose myself

even though it may be bad for my health

in the long term there is no other choice

except to kid yourself you have no voice

to stay quiet and submissive

of paranoia suspicious and dismissive.

But this is not a choice at all

just an inertial state of free fall.


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