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Work, work, work

August 24, 2016

Work, work, work, work your days away

to appease the idol of shame

work, work, work, work until you drop

don’t ever relax, don’t ever stop.

Work, work, work, till your being is vacuous

till you are empty of life and hopeless

Work, work, work, forever delay gratification

till you hate yourself too much to ever seek satiation

Work, work, work, so you can take the moral higher ground

and justify your wealth, even while others freeze on the cold ground.

Work, work, work, even though it just creates a burden for others

their lives, enjoyments and dreams, it smothers.

Work, work, work, dig yourself an early grave

over produce, over consume, forever crave:

A happiness never met, and never shared

never provided for others, as you simply didn’t care.

Work, work, work, blow your own trumpet of selfishness

while accusing others of lazy, idle devilishness.

Work, work, work, to create an illusion of self worth

when you know in truth there is only a dirth

Work to fill others pockets, and to fill the world with more life’s

more lambs to the slaughter, struggling and full of strife.

Work, work, work, for the ethic of our civilization

till it’s shrivelled up in need of revitalization

Work, work, work: the constant distraction

from friendliness and mutual attraction

Work, work, work, work in your dying days

till your purpose becomes a shoddy haze

Work, work, work, till the machines take your job

when you are finally free to act like a slob

hooked up to the teat of your state overlords

telling you what to think and feel, when you are bored.




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