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Yawning at Humanity

October 7, 2016

Monotonously the hours drone by

a thin veneer of happiness,

conceals layer upon layer of fury,

anger, hatred and general crappiness

people play their games,

I yawn and plead,

“it’s all the same, its all the same”

predictable greed.

Ravenous ego’s looking for victims to suck dry

lurk around all bends

I yawn at the try

preferring to have no friends.

Do not think you can tug me with guilt

that kind of negativity you can keep to yourself

that is not the foundation on which my house is built

you will not lure me with riches and wealth.

for my being is not confined to material fears

to the flesh and its insecurities

and if death comes by me near

I will judge it for all its perjuries.



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