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Why my Poetry tends to be Dark/Negative

October 9, 2016

From most of my poetry the impression would be got that I am always in a dark mood about things. The truth is much of the time I am content and happy, its just an urge, motivation to write poetry doesn’t seem to emerge so much in me at those times. Often when I am in some happy mood, I have a think about attempting some poetry to describe it, but it always feels fake or contrite in some way, not adequate to the lived experience. When content and in the flow of life there is little desire for me to reflect on life, I want to stay in that flow.

Its when something goes wrong, or feels wrong, that poetry becomes helpful to me. It helps me to expunge my own inner demons about certain things, to put them down in front of me, so they are no longer flitting through my mind. It is a cleansing activity for me to get these negative thoughts out of me, and its at these times I tend to be inspired to write something more original.

So just letting people out there know who read some of my poetry, I am not some pretentious person always being negative about things just for sake of it or anything. Its just it is at those negative times that I tend to be inspired to write a poem coming from the heart, and not just a superficial piece or play on words. So thanks to all my readers for giving me an audience for that release of negative emotion.

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