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The Lofty Peaks

October 11, 2016

Up on the lofty peaks of loneliness

I call out my signal of distress.

I can only resist the temptation so long

to plummet down deep into the throng.

The thin air up here makes me weak,

it is hard to breathe, let alone speak.

I know what awaits me down there

Internal emptiness and vacuous stares

But my spirit is not yet free to fly

My body weighs me down each time I try.

From the thicker air I can rejuvenate,

down in the depths, where the crowds congregate.

But I must show resolve, continue to resist

Keep steady and strong, with tightly clenched fists.

Call out on high, believing one day I will find,

maybe not ability to fly, but a kindred spirit of mind.

From → Poetry, Spirituality

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