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A Tenuous Grip

October 15, 2016

Maintaining only a tenuous grip

I try my best not to slip

the mind/the world, I don’t know what is real

what is permanent, and what with time, can heal.

Lost in my own thoughts and dreams,

where all is as I want it to seem.

Till now and again reality intrudes

like a blot on the landscape I drew.

Takes me aback, spins me around

dizzies my perception, sinks me to the ground.

Tentatively I regain my feet,

weary of the pain I may greet.

Taking small steps, I hope not to stumble

I hope that my world will not crumble

but there can be no guarantee

no assurance can come my way

for in my loveless reality

this is just one more dark and lonely day.



From → Poetry, Spirituality

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