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Blundering through Life

October 16, 2016

Tired and unsure, what I am to do

blundering my way, this life through

wishing that I could better understand

what makes people sad, and what makes them feel grand.

I only know that it seems to change all the time

without thought, without reason, and often without rhyme

So where to build a foundation on moving ground?

Errors and failures will surely spread and abound.

There is no solution, no sadness cure

whether you are rich, or whether you are poor.

We are all at the mercy of forces beyond our ken

chance, or destiny, not the workings of men.

So embrace this flux don’t turn a blind eye

for it will creep up on us till the day we die.

no more refuge in a shallow, fleeting security

purge my mind of its controlling impurities.

Leave me free, leave me open to worlds without end

don’t in my own souls darkness, withdraw and descend.


From → Poetry, Spirituality

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