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A Gleaming

October 19, 2016

Striving to find a happiness within

A joyfulness anteceding all sin.

Warding off the dark clouds gathering in my mind,

a patch of brightness I endeavor to find.

A gleaming, a spark, a reason to love.

A self acceptance that fits snug like a glove.

A warmth, a concern, a care for what I am

A free flowing river, not a blocked up dam,

emotional expression of my buoyant inner being

humble acknowledgment of my limits, never fleeing.

No need to escape, let the world support my weight

no more controlling and filling up with self-hate.

Ease back into the embrace of mother earth.

Filled with tears or with joy, never a mere dearth.

A fullness, a wholeness, without end.

A closeness on which I can depend.

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