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Ghost Ship

October 31, 2016

Waiting and wondering the tears fill my eyes,

the future is beckoning, but the past won’t die.

Burdened, distraught, engulfed with grief

beyond imagining and beyond belief.

An impossible crux, a hopeless dilemma

A queue of condemned, but no condemner.

Lined up in limbo, awaiting the call

to rise high up, or to downwards fall.

Life, so tragic, so cruel, yet so hollow

All looking to lead, non willing to follow.

I wish I could reach out and clench hard in my grip

the horrid creature that left us on this ghost ship.

But blame is no option, as justice is never served

no one ever gets what they truly deserve.

We are just left stricken, with our wits and our minds

the latter watches on, while the former lashes out blind.

Carried along by a current we never chose

Hope slowly fades, and with it life goes.

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