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November 4, 2016

“Be Grateful for the day!”, its sometimes nice to say,

to smile and be happy and to not let thoughts run astray.

In the moment finding joy, cycling through the hands of time,

not looking to escape from the beauty of the rhyme.

Absorbing the emotions, the warmth and the bliss

a concatenated commotion, never due to desist.

From one to another, then back to the one

The chains hold tight, nothing errant to be done.

A smile always on my face

no lingering sense of disgrace.

Maybe its all a dream, a belief, an illusion

a mind-numbing effusion, delusion, and confusion.

Whatever it may be, it may be

to see is to believe and I can see.

noone can take this, and noone can steal

for what I feel, I know, and I feel, yes I feel.

I feel it through my body and my soul

the goodness and the warmth repairing my holes

The folds are being straightened out,

the mind is being reset anew

tabula rasa knows no doubt

the good has come in view.


From → Poetry, Spirituality

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