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The Negative Spirit

November 4, 2016

We live in an era scared to affirm goodness

afraid to set itself standards for human be-ing

instead we focus on avoiding blood lust

and from dangers and violence fleeing.

We like to trumpet progress, and peace

we like to promote health and education.

But we are as if on slippery grease

when someone tries to pin down our delectation.

Yes, we avoid the bad, or atleast try with ultimate futility

and for beliefs we are proudly clad, with a lack of humility.

We are peaceful, we never did nothing wrong

is our toneless, joyless, responsibility shirking, song.

We are progressing: technology, science, you know that generic stuff

but what is good about it, they are asked? … They have nothing but airy fluff.

We cannot strive to be good, so we just try to avoid being bad

liberty forbids specifics, so we just follow the latest fads.

When all is said and done, we are scared to promote any good

everything is permitted, just keep us out of sight of blood.

No passion, no reminder that we bleed

that is our humble, insulated, creed.

Do not strive for the ideal,

and lose touch with the real,

just repeat buzz words to hide the emptiness you feel

to give you a sense of importance, a sense of being right

a sense that you are clever, rebellious and bright

not following tradition, the horse and cart, and the values of old

a proud rebel with a stubborn heart, but lacking in any soul.

No center, no source of values worthwhile.

Just a lost, outer orbiting, cold and lonely projectile.


(Inspired by a couple of chapters from the book Heretics, by G K Chesterton, including one chapter with same title as this poem)



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