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Good God

November 7, 2016

In love and praise of all that is good

I salute the holy lord our god

the creator of this world brought a flood

he also brought us salmon and cod.

His power and his majestry prevails

through all the lands upon this earth

in fine and in all the details

the length, the width and the girth.

God almighty, only you can save me

set me on the straight and narrow

I listen to all that you decree

even though it may harrow…

my mind, my soul, my moral compass,

I will do what I must,

no time to sit and discuss,

lets break the bread and eat the crusts.

The body of Jesus, the blood of christ

lets drink till we are merry

embrace the latest Zeitgeist

all emotions let us ferry…

ship them off to a distant land

a place of hope and resurrection

the land of the rising dead hand

where we no longer need fear correction.



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