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Primal Chaos

November 7, 2016

Don’t tell me you know what I’ve been through

because you don’t have a clue

don’t tell me you care,

because in lonely moments only I am there.

Please do not try to comfort me

you don’t know how I be

I am primal chaos, ordered like never before

desperate to strive and to soar,

cut down by crippling fears

leaving me with only sneers

For one day if you really knew what I had faced

the troubles and insults I have graced

you would stop short in your self satisfaction

your monotonous, comfortable distractions

and wake up to the hot, fiery core

that would burn you down to the floor.

Not an excuse for my future, just a reason for the past

so please tread carefully, cos I am set to blast.


From → Poetry, Spirituality

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