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Incurable – Release Me

November 11, 2016

The nights are cold and lonely

the mornings are depressing

the day is long and tiring

the evenings bring anger and frustration.


and repeat and repeat, this cycle, repeat

I am not fit, my maker to meet

this is my life, please take it away.

I don’t want it to stay.


The constant reminders and recollections of me

this hideous ego from which I can never flee.

Full of pride, full of rage, full of shame, full of fear.

Can’t decide, caught in cage, a lost game, poisoned tears.


The constant reminder of others

the happy, the joyous and the lovers.

Full of envy, full of hate, inadequacies and bitter weakness

it’s not pretty, it’s too late, lost in futility and bleakness.


All these constant reminders, a mirror to my soul

this dark, bottomless, grief-filled hole.


I cannot love, I can only please

that is my incurable disease

deep within I cannot let rest

the wrongs inflicted on my breast.


I cannot love, I have no joy, but I can cry

this much proves, I have no ploys, so just let me die

I will not stop, I will not relent

my will is terminally bent.

I must be released, I must be killed

I must be deceased, blood must be spilled.


Empty the vessel

open the wounds

let the blood pour.

Cast me adrift

maybe one day

I will find a pleasanter shore.


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