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November 13, 2016

Finding courage in the face of adversity and pain, I look forward again. The world is a miraculous place and the mind is a miracle. So much to embrace with joy and kindness. To overcome that inner blindness. Visions of happiness, imaginings of  closeness. With loved ones, with those who need, and for those who bleed. Who plead for your love and your touch, who will take your heart and clutch. Grasp it to theirs in warmth and hope, for a widening scope. An expansive dream where we make things as they seem. Where all is as it should be, no fear in me. Trust and faith in your beauty, in your unassuming sincerity. Loyal to what is right, to what is good and bright. Not to my self, nor the rich passionate wealth that you bring out. But to the soul encompassing us, the breathing spirit living through us.

Let it whisk us away, we take flight, no need to stay. Nothing to look back on, the past is dead and long gone. A journey through the eternal moment, that knows no torment. Only peacefulness, and a deeply felt agreeableness. On the wings of hope we soar high, in ecstasy we cry. For never now can we be parted, a new universe has been started. A brave new world presents itself to us, with a fluttering and a buzz. Opportunities, out of this chaos to be born, new choices to adorn. To wear with a gracious pride, that here we now reside. Not in fate, anger or dismay, of the dying day. But out of free choice, our new residence is chosen. A land out of my imagination created, and by your voice related. By my mind envisioned, in your loving heart provisioned.


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