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My Own Worst Enemy

November 17, 2016

Up and down, up and down,

the rollercoaster of emotions,

one day sadness with a frown,

the next day brings joyous devotions.


No steady place for my turbulent soul,

the friction and stretching fills me with holes.

If its not one thing, then its another,

no safe place I can run for cover.


Is the world intent on causing me hell

to force me back into my shell?

Is the whole world my relentless enemy

Pressuring, smothering, choking, me?


Or am I merely creating an excuse to give up

to hand over the deed, to release the cup?

Whichever it is, the effect is the same,

shiftless behavior, rising feelings of shame.


Inadequate, frustrated, helpless and hopeless

all just because I can’t fight the whole world.

Lack of vision and belief, a future scopeless,

emotions trapped inside, never to be unfurled.


If only I could realise once and for all,

the plain and simple fact

I am my own worst enemy,

and for little else do I lack.






From → Poetry, Spirituality

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