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Circling Thoughts

November 18, 2016

The Cold and Darkness slowly engulf my mind,

a sinking feeling to which I am resigned.

Emotional uncertainty, no outlet, no release

A commotion, a turmoil, on the increase.

How many times, how long must I endure?

My heart dully aches and my body is sore.

My soul is burning up, luminously glowing,

and the welled up tears are over flowing.

Faith and belief bring me little relief.

The desire I require is burning me up in fire.

Thoughts circle my head like birds of prey

looking to pounce when my feelings go astray.

Looking to lock me out of this world,

a safe delusion in which to be curled.

I do not want to go there, its vacant and bleak

an intimacy and closeness is what I sorely seek.

Yes trusting is so hard, for one greatly scarred…

But I can’t let those scars win, I must face them with a grin.

Put those nasty demons to bed,

and lighten my heavy heavy head.





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