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The Political Left, and the hollowing out of Culture

November 21, 2016

It is interesting to note how the left in politics has metamorphosized from the party of the working class to the party of some sort of strange combination of local employed people with secure and steady incomes, celebrities (at least they publicly claim so with great noise) and immigrants. While the right in politics is the party of the local people without steady and secure incomes, the very poor, and the more wealthy and self-employed.

This, of course, is because there is no working class anymore in the traditional sense in which this had meaning. This new polarization, one we have seen illustrated both at Brexit and at the US presidential election, is one that could be here to stay for awhile. The left is very determined in its virtue signalling, and continuing further down this road, and the right is very determined in resisting this and all other kinds of what they see as fake acts of political correctness.

I place myself on the right side of this debate. Based on rational considerations? Or simply because I belong to one of those groups above, in my case the group without steady and secure income? It raises the old interesting dilemma going back to Marx of dialectical materialism or dialectical idealism (Hegel), as the driver of society and social and historical forces. I don’t think we can choose one or the other as true causal agency, as it is such a complicated reality we are faced with. But I think it is important to be aware of both factors.

In my case, for instance, though it is clearly a factor in my right-leaning views that I belong to that group. (I.e. My lack of security about my work and future employment makes me concerned about having to compete in this shrinking space with more people coming over.) It is also the case that the reason I came to be in that group in the first place was largely because I did not like the changes to work in my era that seemed to condemn people to safe and secure employment at one place for life. This kind of fixed lifestyle was something that did not appeal to me on any level. It has the feel of treating people as a herd animal, to be herded around, like a domesticated animal, rather than a civilized being.

It is a fascinating situation, that we really need to make more people alert to. As the mainstream media is doing everything it can to keep people misinformed about what is really going on here, having put all their eggs in the basket of the virtue signalling side of the debate. Given their connection with publicity, celebrities, and that most people who buy their stuff, are the group on the left who have the secure, steady and fixed employment, this should all come as little surprise.

I personally feel the biggest danger of the left-leaning side of this debate is its ignorance of, and hollowing out of, culture in people and their sense of traditional values and virtues. It rides roughshod over such considerations, as if we can ignore all that has given our lives meaning and purpose and a sense of belonging to a community over thousands of years in favor of subliminal media brainwashing and branding of cheap, caricatured and clichéd lifestyles in line with products they want to sell us.

I think community and culture are considerations that simply cannot be ejected from the discussion in preference to rational formulae for manipulating people’s physiology and nervous system to get a specific result. We cannot be the vaunted cosmopolitans that the humanists would so like, as much as at one time this seemed like a nice ideal. You cannot cut all those strings and leave a compassionate being, you leave only a monster, a psychopath, a manipulator, who takes glee in herding the predictable masses around like lemmings. You get not a peaceful almost idyllic kind of anarchy of a group of dignified, free enlightened beings. You get instead a form of oligarchy of one small group who has best mastered the art of manipulating others and everyone else who are thus manipulated and forced into line.

It is the left’s cosmopolitan ideals that has created, ironically, the worst of the inequality of wealth that we now see in this world, with its globe trotting elite. Because the isolation of a group of people from their culture, and the placing them in a vacuum, leaves you with one person spinning a culture out his head and the rest blindly following it. Not a culture, but a bunch of false idols and false prophets, who do not believe what they themselves trumpet, their only motivation is the power they thereby get over others by trumpeting it.

Some of these inferences are partly speculative at this stage, I am only just getting to grips with his process myself. But what I can say for sure is that there is a deep disagreement between those trying to enforce globalist, cosmopolitan moral values on us, appealing negatively to our sense of shame to manipulate us, and those who find this process of manipulation deeply abhorrent and will stop at nothing to try and promote a more positive set of moral values for our communities.




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